Afro Hip Hop

Under western influences a lively, powerful energetic dance style from tradition and progress, the Afro Hip Hop arose on the streets of Ghana which expresses the awareness of life of the youth on the spot.

Workshop Hip Hop 1

Julius Narteys's creative dance lessons therefore include the roots of West African tradition and modern influences like Freestyle, Hip Hop, Break dancing and Bogolooelements as well as original warm ups and isolation exercises full of strength and zest for life, especially from the base of the Townships Accra's, the capital in Ghana.

Workshop Hip Hop 2

Hip Hop & Boogaloo

A new awareness of life resulted for the South Bronx, in the suppressed ghettos in the middle of the seventies, the Hip Hop.

Workshop Breakdance 1

In this course Julius shows you to current hip Hop Grooves the basic elements of Hip Hop dance. He combines these with simple movement processes of the Boogoloo, which one himself express by Robot movements in mime honours.

Workshop Breakdance 2

Video Clip Dancing

On the basis of Freestyle, Hip Hop and Break Dance elements we dance original choreographies of current video clip productions, and learn gradually with the help of isolation exercises, partial elements of complex dance choreographies.

Workshop Video Clip Dancing 1

Workshop Video Clip Dancing 2

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