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From its birthplace in Ghana , Highlife began as 'palm wine' music in the 1920s. By the 50s its popularity and success became the symbol of future independence, pride and everything else cool and African.

During the 1980s and 90s Highlife was eclipsed by the dynamic, up-tempo rhythms of Afrobeat and Juju coming from Nigeria . However, in the last few years Highlife has re-invented itself and has been taken in by a new generation of young Ghanaian rappers and musicians.

Hip Hop, Freestyle and Ragga elements mix up the Highlife and traditional rhythms of Ghana and develop to an explosive mixture, which reflect the awareness of life from the youth of today living in the Townships of Accra streets.

Julius Nartey is the founder and as well as creative head of the Hip Life Breakers and is in three continents of the world on tour for over 10 years.

Further awarded high-class dancers like Lawrence Otoo, Marvin Akakpo, Linda Sasu and the acrobats and breakdancers Thomas Kunfira and Yahaya Alhassan complete the band Hip Life Breakers.

Julius Nartey Lawrence Otoo
Julius Nartey Lawrence Otoo
Yahaya Alhassan Solomon Gebretsadik Thomas Kunfira
Yahaya Alhassan Solomon Gebretsadik Thomas Kunfira
George Osei Fainig Reinhard Conen
George Osei Fainig
Reinhard Conen

The explosive and original stage show contains a firework with elements of Hip Hop, Break & Afro Dance, acrobatics, Limbo and joggling.

Supported by the original compositions of one's one Julius Nartey´s Hip Life Breakers sing, dance and rap in the half and full double-tracking mode, in which the audience is included on stage actively.

An perfect programme for repeated short appearances with great effectiveness and stage presence.


Performances for Stevie Wonder, Isaac Hayes, Angélique Kidjo, Rai Uno, ZDF TV Garden ("Fernsehgarten")

Solo dancers at ADESA, Massala Festival Hannover, Multi Activty Day Rees, Culture Office Herten, AGSB Bottrop etc.

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